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filmmaker, editor, sound designer
A graduate from Pratt Institutes's film program, originally from the Silicon Valley and working in LA, Maxfield Biggs is a Rooftop Films festival judge, editor, filmmaker, and activist. Most commonly found with a coffee in hand, Max tries to find time to see as many Cold War era B-movies as possible.
producer, environmental advisor
Tehya Jennett, an NYU grad, current LA resident, and San Jose native, works as a producer and environmental advisor for Stranded Astronaut Productions. In their free time, Tehya can be found petting her dog, painting, or fighting climate change through scientific research and activism.
vfx artist, graphic designer
VFX artist based in the Bay Area. When his computer is stuck rendering/compiling he will often use this as an excuse to slack off or grab a snack.
Maxfield Biggs (he/they)
Tehya Jennett (she/they)
Gregoire Labat (he/him)
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Maiya Rodocker (she/her)
Giovannni Anglin (he/him)
Thria Bernabe (they/she)
painter, illustrative artist
When she isn’t doodling or painting, Maiya is busy finishing up her degree in Legal Psychology at San Francisco State University. She enjoys making people coffee, fighting for the downfall of capitalism, and sitting on a beach.
audio engineer, producer/co-host
Giovannni Anglin, co-host and co-producer for Black Seinfeld, is audio engineer from Brooklyn with a degree in Communications Technology. Need help with audio/podcast production? Gio is your guy.
watercolor & illustrative artist
Thria Bernabe is an artist, nurse, and abolitionist organizer with Ridgewood for Black Liberation and Anakbayan North Jersey. They make abstract watercolor paintings mostly inspired by cityscapes and nature. In their free time, they enjoy sitting on fire escapes with their cat while listening to music and painting.
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