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About Us

At Stranded Astronaut, we produce quality work, pride ourselves in thoughtful communication, and are dedicated to community and egalitarianism. We are committed to building an artistic community that is accountable to each other, and to our clients.


Our individual backgrounds in different artistic disciplines help us build a wide gallery of work and fulfill a diverse set of needs from any prospective clients and collaborators. We offer services for each step of your project, and we are a hub for contemporary creativity.

As a collective, we boost each other’s work and help connect people in need of artistic ability with someone from our collective. Each member of Stranded Astronaut is like-minded in terms of our love for art and our commitment to intersectional social justice movements. We do not tolerate discrimination in any form, we support progressive activist movements, and we are devoted to sustainability.



If you are in need of creative services, please reach out to us to ask for a free quote.

(We offer volunteer work for social justice organizations on an as-needed basis)


If you are a stranded artist looking for a collective home, please contact us to discuss joining!

Stranded Astronaut Productions is an Artist Collective & Video Production Studio.

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