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Audio & Broadcasting

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Black Seinfeld

Radio Show / Podcast

Hosted by Giovanni Anglin

& Bashtin Nithsa


For the past six years, Black Seinfeld has become a space for Bashtin Nithsa and Giovanni Anglin to give their perspective on how the American culture shapes, influences, and affects their lives. Other than giving the “what” that happened, Black Seinfeld tries to understand “why” it’s happened. 


Bashtin Nithsa, co-host and co-producer, is a UI/UX designer with a degree in Marketing. Bash tends to be the voice of reason, and logic when Gio goes on his rants. Need help understanding the stock market, and bitcoin? Bashtin is your guy. The “Yang” to co-host Bashtin’s “Yin”, Gio can be a bit brash with his delivery, but it shows passion with the topics discussed.

Podcast / Radio

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